YDA Trainers: Mark’s Story

Mark Kehoe’s feet were in pain – extreme pain.

Foot problems run in Mark’s family. His mother had bunions, her father had them and Mark and his sister had them on both feet. But bunions were just the start. In 2011, Mark developed a hammertoe on the middle toe of his left foot, causing the toe to bounce upwards and rub on his shoe, sending pain deep into the toe – a constant nagging pain, so bad it made him limp.  His right foot was plagued by gout, suffering an attack once every month.

As a professional photographer, Mark found himself on his feet a lot as part of his job. But earlier this year the pain had become so unbearable it impacting his ability to work. The bunions and hammertoe could be repaired by surgery, but the bunion on his right foot had become so pronounced that the surgery would require seven months off his feet to recover from the operation – an impossible amount of time in his line of work. So he delayed surgery for as long as possible and continued to suffer.

Then one day he visited his consultant, Professor Mark Tagoe of West Middlesex University. Professor Mark told photographer Mark to try some Italian shoes called YDA, along with an insole made by an orthotics specialist using a 3D scan of his foot.

So Mark came to us at Prestige Healthcare. We sorted him out with a stylish pair of YDA trainers and an insole molded specifically for his own feet.

“I’ve been wearing the trainers since August and I can honestly say I’ve had no foot pain since then,” Mark says. He has had one gout attack since getting the YDA’s – “But that was self-inflicted. I stopped wearing them for a couple of weeks to see what would happen and the pain came right back.”

We haven’t been able to cure Mark, only surgery will do that, but thanks to the YDA trainers and the orthotic insole we have significantly reduce the pain in Mark’s life. At 54 years of age, Mark is experiencing relief from the pain he hasn’t been able to shake for the better part of a decade.

“I can now walk miles without pain, which I couldn’t do before, even in my expensive walking shoes. I’ve even started running again. And best of all, they just look like normal shoes, rather than British-made clumpy diabetic shoes. I call them my miracle shoes.”

If you think YDA trainers could be the answer to your foot problems give us a call on 02083648800

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