What are YDA trainers and who are they for?

Have you got a foot problem or been diagnosed with an illness such as diabetes, which requires you to make the wellbeing of your feet a high priority?

If so, it’s likely your doctor or specialist recommended YDA trainers to you. At Prestige Healthcare, we certainly do.

But what are YDA trainers? Who are they for? And what on earth makes them so special? 

Orthotic Shoe

In short, YDA trainers are a stylish, comfortable shoe that offers support, protection and wellness for your feet. Anyone interested in looking after their toes and boosting their vitality would benefit greatly from a pair.

More specifically, they are a premium quality orthotic trainer, designed to aid and support people with foot problems or health conditions such as diabetes, which leaves people more at risk of foot injuries and ailments. In fact, they are the world’s number one best selling trainer for diabetics. 

Every aspect of the YDA has been considered and tweaked to provide unparallelled protection to sensitive skin, complete stability of the foot, and optimised use of natural energy during movement.

They have a specialised, patented system that allows the redistribution of forces and helps the propulsion of the foot during movement.

Unlike most trainers, YDA’s don’t have a break-in period. They offer comfort from the very first wear. This saves people with foot problems a great deal of pain, discomfort and skin irritation.

They come with shock absorbing technology which absorbs the impact from the foot landing on the floor. Comfort is enhanced, fatigue is reduced.

The YDA’s lightweight and breathable sole bottoms can be removed with ease and replaced with your own orthotic insert.

The heel of the shoe consists of a strong, cushioned structure to provide stability in every step.

Even the laces have been thought about. They have a semi-elastic rapid lace lock system with a buckle cord clip. This allows continuous adjustment to the foot throughout the day, maximising your comfort and ease of movement.

And this isn’t all.

You can find a full, in-depth breakdown of the technology and benefits of the YDA trainers here.**

Whether you’re a diabetic who wants the best footwear for foot care, or you’re just keen to invest in your general wellbeing, harness your natural vitality and make the most of every day, you can’t go wrong with YDA.