What are YDA trainers and where do they come from?

YDA trainers are a bit of an enigma.

If you are diabetic, suffer from chronic foot pain or are recovering from an injury to your feet you may have been recommended YDA trainers. Chances are you may not have heard of the YDA brand before, and when you see their premium price tag you may have a few questions; what are these trainers? Who made them? And what makes the cost worth it?

So what are YDA trainers? Simply put, they are the ultimate orthopedic shoe. Every inch of their design has been made with comfort, stability, and support in mind. It’s specially patented Spring System Technology redistributes the biomechanical forces throughout the foot, making each step a sensory delight. The YDA’s have an extra wide and extra deep fitting, allowing you to easily insert your own custom-made insole for extra support (also available through Prestige Healthcare).

The orthotic footwear is the debut trainer from an Italian company called Optima Molliter. Who? You may not have heard of them as a fashion brand, Optima Molliter are world-renowned experts in orthotics and foot support technologies. In fact, this year they won the International Innovation Award for Wearable Technologies. There is far more science behind the YDA’s than the average stylish shoe. It is this science that goes some way to explaining why YDA’s are the number one shoe bought by diabetics around the world and sheds some light on the price tag which is well above the average cost for a pair of trainers on the high street.

If you suffer with foot problems such as bunions, ulcers, hammer toe, metatarsal damage or anything that causes your foot to swell, you should seriously consider investing in a pair of YDA trainers. We have recommended them to many of our clients and the results have been remarkable. Most notably, people suffering in severe pain due to foot ailments have seen their anguish all but vanish.

Follow the link for a full break down of the science behind the YDA trainer.

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