The #1 best selling trainer for diabetics worldwide

Having diabetes puts you at a much greater risk of developing serious foot problems.

Raised glucose levels (aka blood sugar levels) can damage nerve sensation. Anyone who has suffered from this nerve damage will tell you of the pain they experienced.

‘It feels like I have constant pins and needles.’

‘It’s a burning, stabbing sensation.’

‘I can barely walk, it’s absolute agony.’

Poor blood circulation in diabetics can also cause problems with cuts and sores healing, as well as cramps and aches. Neglecting these problems can result in ulcers, infections and at worst, amputation.

However, most problems can be prevented by good, regular foot care. Our health professionals can advise you on the best routines and practices to take care of your feet.

Having the right footwear is vital if you’re diabetic. It’s an essential part of looking after yourself and can prevent a great deal of pain and discomfort.

That’s why we recommend YDA trainers.

Orthotic Shoe

YDA are the number one best selling trainers for diabetics worldwide. Comfortable and stylish, they have a specialised, patented system that allows the redistribution of forces and helps the propulsion of the foot during movement.

From heel to toe, from lace to sole, YDA trainers perfectly accommodate the needs of a diabetic foot.

They come with a seam-free inner lining, which envelops the foot in a protective, cushioned sheath and prevents ulceration of the skin. It also means there’s no break-in period, comfort begins on the first wear.

The YDA removable sole bottoms are lightweight and breathable. They can easily be replaced with your own orthotic insert.

The heel support in the trainer has a strong, cushioned structure that protects the heel from injury by gently stabilising it during movement.

It’s shock absorber system absorbs the heel’s landing impact and correctly redistributes vertical forces during every step.

YDA shoes boast an easy lace feature which adapts to the foot throughout the day.

So whether you’re type 1 or type 2, YDA is the right shoe.

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