Suffered a foot injury? Here are the shoes you need for recovery.

Aside from being painful, foot injuries are really inconvenient. You often have to stay off your feet for a while and recovery can be a slow process.

Sprains and strains are nasty little injuries to incur, often taking up to a month to heal. But the damage to the metatarsals is by far one of the most painful foot injuries. A metatarsal fracture usually takes six to eight weeks to recover from. In some cases, fractures don’t heal and surgery is needed, making recovery even longer.

The metatarsal bones, or metatarsus, are a group of five long bones in the foot, located between the tarsal bones of the hind and midfoot and the phalanges of the toes. Injuries to the metatarsals are most commonly caused by a sudden forceful impact on the foot, such as dropping a heavy object on the foot, falling over, or kicking against a hard object when tripping. Sportsmen and women are particularly vulnerable to metatarsal damage. Skiers, snowboarders and ice skaters can easily fracture their metatarsal falling on the snow or ice for example.

At Prestige Healthcare, there is an innovative new shoe that we recommend above all others for people suffering from metatarsal damage… and that is the YDA trainer.

The YDA’s are the debut shoe from Italian company, Optima Molliter, the masters of orthotic support. This year Optima Molliter won the International Innovation Award for Wearable Technologies.

What makes the YDA’s so brilliant for foot injury recovery? Quite simply, they have been considered and crafted to give you comfort and support, unlike any other shoe.

Both the sole and the heel of the shoe absorb impact and redistribute forces along the foot, removing pain and enhancing performance.

They come with an extra-wide and extra deep fitting so you can easily insert your own custom insole for extra foot support. We can create your custom insole for you.

The upper shoe is made of a new technology fabric with safe stitching that protects the feet from shearing forces.

Even the laces have a specialist clasp that adjusts to your feet throughout the day, giving you maximum comfort, support, and stability around the clock.

If you want to make sure your recovery is as quick as possible you could do a lot worse than to get a pair of YDA trainers. Give us a call today to find out more.


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