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WCS® Wound Care Insole

Price £19.50 incl.VAT

The Woundcare Shoe & Woundcare Shoe Light Insoles comprise of 4-cushioning layers.

Available in 7 sizes in either a left or right foot. Please ensure you order the correct size to correspond with the shoes you have ordered.

Category: Darco
Tags: darco-bottom, pro, tax-exempt


  • For the treatment and management of diabetic foot syndrome
  • Treatment for healing of open wounds, ulcers and ulcerations
  • Treatment during the postoperative phase after toe, forefoot and midfoot surgical procedures
  • Selective customisable pressure relief


  • Precise alteration options for off-loading
  • Multi-layered insoles with varying degrees of hardness for individualised adjustments
  • Available for the left or right foot
  • Including sterile film, marker and surgical disposable scalpel for customising


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