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PUZZLE 3*3 Insole Kit for SBI W-Heel 2.0 & Motus 2.0

Price £36.00 incl.VAT

The Optima Puzzle Kit Insole is a 3 layered EVA Puzzle insole for customised offloading of the plantar surface of the foot. Exclusively for use with Optima Diab and CL Heel products.


  • low, medium and high density layers of EVA interlocking, adaptable insoles
  • red = low density
  • beige = medium density
  • blue = high density
  • universal left/right fitting
  • hand washable


  • customisation of Optima offloading footwear
  • pressure relieving and offloading
  • suitable for the diabetic foot
Category: Ankle & Foot, Foot Care, Optima Molliter, Specialist Wound Care - Optima
Tags: pro, PUZZLE 3*3-bottom, tax-exempt

Replacement Insoles for SBI W-Heel 2.0 & Motus 2.0

Therapeutic Indications

The 3*3 Puzzle Kit was designed to redistribute plantar pressure and is especially used for pressure ulcers on the forefoot, midfoot and heel and for the decompression of specific areas. The Puzzle Kit 3*3 includes 3 layers of a different densisties, in turn, divided into 3 parts by intersecting a puzzle system. Puzzle Kit 3*3 allows 27 different decompression combinations.

Technical Features

Soles come in three different hardness options:

-red: soft
-beige: semi-rigid
-blue: rigid





S (34-36), M (37-39), L (40-42), XL (43-45), XXL (46-48)

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