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Pro Epi

Price £31.45 incl.VAT

Epicondylitis brace

The brace for ensuring natural movements

The JuzoPro Epi epicondylitis brace with its stable material and removable dimpled pad applies pressure to the muscles. This relieves strain on the tendon insertions in the forearm, thereby allowing natural movements of the elbow. The individually adjustable, inelastic Velcro buckle fastener ensures a secure hold.
The strap and buckle have been set into the plastic to ensure no chafing points can arise. The Juzo Epi is made from an easy to clean synthetic material and its skin-friendly padding can be removed for cleaning. The extra wide padding prevents the brace from contacting the skin and eliminates pressure sores and chafing. For optimal wearing comfort, the brace can also be heated to shape it to the anatomy of the wearer.

SKU: pH-J7502
Category: Juzo, Shoulder & Elbow, Upper Arm
Tags: Tennis elbow



  • Dimpled friction pad
  • Individually adjustable and inelastic Velcro buckle fastener
  • Strap and buckle embedded in the plastic
  • Orthosis is made from easy to clean synthetic material
  • Skin-friendly padding that can be removed for cleaning
  • Extra wide padding
  • Thermo-formable (e.g. by heating with a heat gun/blow dryer)


  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer’s or thrower’s elbow
  • Tendon complaints in the elbow region
  • Chronic or recurrent epicondylitis
  • Radial nerve palsy (wrist drop)
  • Postoperative


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