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pH MultiFit Bunion Support

Price £18.30 incl.VAT

The pH Multifit Bunion support is manufactured in lightweight, “cushion‑soft”, Neoprene and has many design advantages including the fact it can be worn both by day or night.

It can be worn in suitable footwear and is machine washable for convenient, long-life hygiene.


    • Helps Relieve Painful Bunions ( Hallux Valgus )
    • Alleviates Pressure
    • Maintains Alignment
    • Gentle Corrective Action
    • Can be worn day & night
    • Can be worn post-Operatively
    • Resists further deterioration of  Hallux Valgus


Category: Ankle & Foot, Bunion Splint, Foot & Ankle, Foot Care, Foot Comfort, Footcare & Hygiene, Hallux Valgus, Prestige Healthcare
Tags: ph-top

The pH Multifit Bunion Support is an adjustable, corrective orthosis. It can be used post-operatively and for the gentle and comfortable relief of symptoms accompanying hallux valgus ( Bunions) and other similar, painful conditions associated with the big‑toe joint.


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