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pH Diabetic Orthotic

Price £49.96 incl.VAT

Our pHD is a clever device designed to help the foot deal with many common conditions that are a problem for vunerable patients.

Category: Ankle & Foot, Inserts, Insoles, Prestige Healthcare
Tags: insoles, orthotics, ph-bottom, Removable Insoles

If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes then you might be aware that you need to pay particular attention to the care of your feet.

Here is an important link to the Diabetes UK website which will provide you with much more information: click here.

One very important point is to pay additional attention to what you place next to the skin on your feet – insoles included.

Our pHD (as we call it) is a very clever removable insole made of hardwearing EVA which has a specifically designed cushioning top cover that will help cushion your feet all day long.

All our Orthotics and insoles are especially designed and manufactured in our laboratory at our London clinic.

If in any doubt whether to purchase this product please refer to your suitably qualified allied health professional such a Podiatrist, Orthotist or Physiotherapist.

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