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MalleoTrain S

Price £64.60 incl.VAT

The Bauerfiend MalleoTrain S Ankle Support is ideal for providing increased stability and security for the ankle whilst on the move . The support is suitable for use after an operation or in the event of slight sprains or repeated overloading, allowing you to get back to full fitness with confidence
The MalleoTrain S is anatomically contoured and fits the foot perfectly. The compression effect of the knit aids the circulation and activates the surrounding musculature, so the ankle support thus stabilises the foot without restricting mobility, making it the ideal ankle support for use during sporting activity.

The Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S Ankle Support fits into any trainer and helps to prevent further injury to the ankle during training or competition. This Bauerfeind Ankle Support has an individually adjustable strap system which provides the ankle with reliable support even whilst in motion and protects against the lateral twisting of the foot. It is available in six sizes and in models for the left or right ankle.

Category: Foot & Ankle

• Post-operative rehabilitation
• Mild sprains
• Ligament instability
• Supination prophylaxis, especially when playing sports

Features and Benefits of the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain S
• Ideal for use during physical activity – protects against lateral twisting of the foot
• Provides increased stability and security for the ankle during activity
• Suitable for ligament instability, rehabilitation, mild sprains and more
• Adjustable strap provides reliable support
• Aids circulation and activates surrounding musculature
• Fits into any trainer to prevent further ankle injury
• Comes in a choice of six sizes, in left or right foot models


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