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Lumbal plus – Lumbar Orthosis with sacral pad

Price £233.45 incl.VAT

Hip Circumference: 75-143cm

Category: Juzo

JuzoPro Lumbal Plus provides optimum relief for severe, persistently recurring pain.

Juzo has developed the Lumbal Plus to accompany the course of treatment with a single orthosis. It is highly configurable and comes with a mobilising function.

Individually adjustable support with tensioning straps
A key feature of Lumbal Plus are the inelastic straps, which can be pulled tight when severe pain develops in the lower back. They are held in place by specially developed, anatomically-shaped and break-resistant diverting loops that ensure an optimal transmission of force. This enables the desired level of stabilisation to be selected simply by pulling on the straps – or the straps can be removed entirely if they are not required. The four rods then provide a pleasant level of stabilisation.

A sacrum pad
reinforces the pressure exerted by the straps and provides relief at the transition from the sacrum to the lower lumbar spine area. The pad is provided with nubs that massage and relax the tissue. It can also be removed if the mild compression exerted by the elastic and breathable comfort knit is considered sufficient.

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