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Lumbal – Lumbar Orthosis with sacral pad

Price £139.45 incl.VAT

Hip Circumference: 75-143cm

Category: Juzo, Neck & Back

JuzoPro Lumbal provides relief by means of a sacrum pad and compression.

This lumbal orthosis is especially versatile and offers a muscle-relaxing and pain-relieving effect for most complaints in the lumbar spine area (low back pain). It counteracts persistent (chronic) or acute pain in the lumbar area through the combined effect of a sacrum pad and the special fabric.

The sacrum pad
is an anatomically-shaped pad that protects the lower lumbar region and slightly restricts movement. To ease muscle tension and avoid tendon adhesions, the pad has been provided with friction nubs that promote circulation and produce a massage-like effect. A Velcro fastener allows the pad to be precisely positioned; it can also be removed if necessary. The pad has also been provided with a removable and washable hygienic cover.

Especially firm fabric
The JuzoPro Lumbal is made from an especially firm fabric that supports and relieves. The incorporated thin rods stabilise the fabric. The orthosis comes in a straight or waist shape to suit different body shapes and waist types.

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