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Heelwedge® Off-loading Healing Shoe

Price £21.50 incl.VAT

The HeelWedge® is clinically proven to offload pressure by over 26% from the heel by shifting weight to the mid and forefoot to promote faster healing after surgery, trauma or when wounds or ulcerations are present on the heel. The square-toe design offers more space for bandage material and offers a better fit by eliminating toe overhang.

Category: Ankle & Foot, Darco
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  • for the treatment of injuries or ulcers around the heel (heel ulcers)
  • used for postoperative care after procedures involving plantar fasciitis
  • heel off-loader after fractures


  • 5 sizes available (adults only)
  • Universal fit (left or right)
  • Can be worn with the TwinShoe® Balance Shoe
  • Can be fitted with the PegAssist® Insole
  • Patent protected

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