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Body Armor® Pro Term

Price £87.00 incl.VAT

The Body Armor® Pro Term is an interim orthosis for conservative follow-up treatment following Chopart and Lisfranc amputations. The foot stump orthosis from DARCO represents interim treatment to be worn for approximately 10 weeks following an amputation. The Body Armor® Pro Term offers a treatment option to allow the foot stump to completely heal during this time. Thereafter a conventional, custom-made shoe is worn.


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Treatment of post-amputation of the forefoot.

Therapeutic Indications

Post Lisfranc and Chopart amputation management. In the chronic phase, the use of Pro termwalker can also be alternated with shoes, for example at home.

Technical Features

High pneumatic leg-foot walker with components directly attached that can be custom fitted to the patient. Rigid structure with two closures and a movable part that protects the tibial area. Inside there is a special protective lining fitted with a stabilizing pneumatic system. The sole of the walker is made of mocroporous material + non-slip rubber.


M= either-foot inside legth 16 cm

L= either-foot inside length 19 cm


  • Diabetic foot syndrome
  • PAOD (peripheral arterial occlusive disease)
  • Used postoperatively following Chopart and Lisfranc amputations

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