There are a number of Knee braces on the market for various conditions, some can be bought off the shelf, but others need to be fitted professionally.

With over 30 years experience, Prestige Healthcare offers a full range of the best knee braces for all medical conditions and sports injuries.

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The different kind of knee braces on the market:

  • Functional braces  These give support to knees that have been injured in the past. Athletes often wear them after a major injury has healed. They stabilise the knee and control motion to prevent another injury.
  • Unloader braces  These are designed to relieve pain in people who have arthritis in their knees. They shift the weight (“unload” the affected compartment) from the damaged  area of the knee.  This will help to reduce or relieve the pain.
  • Knee ligament braces These are designed for people who have deficient knee ligaments, such as ACL,PCL and combined ligament injuries. As well as those who have had surgery and need to protect their repair
  • Prophylactic braces  These are designed to protect knees from injuries during certain contact  sports such as skiing, snow-boarding., motor-cross They have become popular with sports people to prevent injuries and protect their knees.
  • Rehabilitative braces  These are usually used for a period of weeks right after an injury or surgery. They keep the knee stable but still allow limited movement while it is healing.
  • Knee sleeves  These are not technically braces, but they are the most common type of knee support. They are designed to provide compression around the knee joint. This helps support the knee, and can control pain and swelling.