Find out how to buy YDA trainers tax-free

YDA trainers are most often advertised as a running shoe. But are they only a running shoe?

The simple answer is no.

In fact, they weren’t designed to be a running shoe at all.

They are fundamentally an orthotic shoe made to meet the needs of people with foot problems and chronic health conditions that affect their feet, in particular, those with diabetes. The YDA’s specialist design and patented technology makes them the number one best-selling trainer for diabetics worldwide.

So, if YDA’s are principally aimed at people with diabetes, the question remains; why are they advertised as a running shoe?

In a moment we’ll get to what makes the trainers so perfect for runners but first, there’s something you need to understand.

People with diabetes have an increased risk of ulcers and damage to the feet, which can easily escalate into more severe problems if not dealt with. Therefore, they have to pay special attention to the health of their feet and make foot care a priority.

BUT, a diabetic foot doesn’t function differently to any other foot. It functions the same way, it moves from heel to toe, flexes and straightens, tightens and relaxes just like feet do.

So when Optima Molliter decided to make the perfect shoe for diabetics they actually made a trainer that delivers an exceptional experience for any foot.

And that means they possess the characteristics of the ideal running shoe.

YDA Blue Men and Women Shoes

They are incredibly lightweight, supremely comfortable and offer exceptional support.

They contain a shock absorber system which reduces impact fatigue and correctly redistributes the vertical forces through the muscles. You’ll be able to run for longer with less ache afterward.

The heel holds a strong, comfortable internal support structure that protects you from injury, gives you greater stability and certainty in every stride.

The sole is made of ultra-light shock-absorbing E.V.A with stabilizing non-slip rubber pads. It will add a spring to your stride and make motion feel effortless.

The top of the shoe is soft, padded, and seamless, enveloping your foot in a light, breathable, protective sheath.

Whether for sports or leisure, YDA are the ultimate in foot care footwear.

Your feet will thank you for getting a pair. For a full breakdown of YDA’s features and technology click here.