Plagiocephaly Treatments

Robert has many years of experience treating children with Plagiocephaly(Flat head syndrome) and Brachycephaly. In moderate or severe cases of these conditions cranial remoulding therapy has been used worldwide for over 25 years to normalise head shape.

We are pleased to be able to offer our patients the LOCband which has been designed and perfected by the clinicians at the London Orthotic Consultancy. LOC is registered with the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

Based on the scans taken at assessment each LOCband is manufactured individually for each baby. The LOCband is non-invasive and works by applying gentle constant pressure over the areas of your baby’s skull that are most prominent, while allowing unrestricted growth over the flattened areas. It is a pain-free treatment. The ‘helmet’ consists of a soft foam layer inside a thermoplastic shell. This allows for frequent adjustments during growth and gently guides your baby’s skull into a more symmetrical shape.

Treatment is most effective in babies between four and six months of age though routinely babies up to the age of 16 months can be treated very successfully.

If you are concerned that your baby has a Brachycephaly head shape we can provide you with our clinical opinion of your baby’s head shape based on your photographs.
Just fill in our plagiocephaly / flat head diagnosis form below.

Robert Affutu-Nartey Dip OTC. MBAPO